Friday, April 20, 2012

Push-Button Hope is just not happening here. Not Today.

My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus' blood and righteousness....and Christian radio.
Nope. That last part is not true.
To be honest, I am not a hater of Christian music/radio but it sometimes makes me gag.

Let's do a few pros and cons on it right here, right now:
Pros for Christian radio - 
• positive, encouraging music
• something the kids can listen to and you don't have to worry about them repeating any unsavory lines from the songs they hear in front of grandma.
• some of the music is actually based on scripture.
• there are countless testimonials of how someone was at the end of their rope then tuned in to Christian radio and the song playing literally saved their life.

Cons for Christian radio - 
• DJ's
• Pledge drives
• The same 5 bands on repeat
• DJ's

There! I've said it! In other words, most Christian radio stations drive me bonkers. And yet, I still tune in. Why do I do that? What is it about my personality that continues to feast on a steady diet of cheese in my ears day in and day out? And by cheese, I am talking about the schmaltzy, fix everything with a 25 word devotional, fake-laugh-sounding deejay.

What I really want from a Christian 
radio station:
• Hire DJs who actually laugh from their gut...not to mention have a good sense of humor. The ten commandments do not include, Thou Shalt Not Be Witty. Or Thou Shalt Not Speak In Any Tone Other Than High Church.
• Real music. Not pop music that is recorded under a Christian label.
• Independent artists.
• Music recorded after 1999.

I know I must sound like an atheist to some of you at this point. I actually love Steven Curtis Chapman and respect Casting Crowns. I recently saw Chris Tomlin in concert and was wholly impressed. But where are artists like Gungor, Jillian Edwards, All Sons and Daughters, Sandra McCracken, Sara Groves, to name a few? Is it all about the money and the label? I do realize that many many many people want to hear Third Day (whom I also love), Barlow Girls, Point of Grace, Michael W. Smith, and any of the Winans. I also understand that any song performed by a group with the word "Hillsong" in it is gold. They are the "cool kids" in Christian radio circles.

I'm a promoter of the kid who sits on the back row. Who talks in church. Who doesn't always wear the trendiest outfit or the latest style. Who loves to laugh more than anything and incorporates their humor into everything they do. Who almost didn't try because fear of failure paralyzed them. That was me. So naturally I am drawn to that kid...that group...that artist. I would love to see Christian radio promote that kid too. Not because they already have a Dove nomination. But just because they are freaking GOOD. INSPIRED. HAVE A WORD I need to hear...not a tired chorus that just rhymes or contains the verse-of-the-month. (Jeremiah 29:11 anyone?)

Radio is a powerful medium. I appreciate its history, its effects, its purpose. But not everyone who needs spirit-filled music is comfortable listening to 2 people from the John Tesh School of Diction and Timbre (JTSDT) quote fragments of scripture out of context and acting like they have never had diahrrea or a crusty cold sore in their life. (I'm also picturing a toupe' and/or a perm.) I see that as a theme in our churches as well. C'mon people! Show your fever blisters. Don't be ashamed...everybody gets them.

Available April 24th on iTunes
Currently 6 people follow this blog. I am expecting to lose a third of my following after this post. But before you leave, please look at this brand new album coming out Tuesday, April 24th. Have you ever seen anything more lovely? I expect the songs from it will be even more spectacular. Am I bragging? You'd better believe it. THIS is what deserves to be all over the airwaves. And not because of my relationship to the artist. (well...not JUST because of that) but because I know where her heart has been and what has inspired her to write the songs on this album. Check it out. It's 100% lactose free.

And Lord, haste the day when my faith shall be sight
The clouds be rolled back as a scroll;
The trump shall resound, and the Lord shall descend,
Even so, it is well with my soul.

Now THAT'S hope!  Horatio Spafford, I would definitely push the button to hear more of you.


  1. Wow! This was 100% dead on. Especially if you live in the Dallas area.

  2. Love. I would add that i HATE the number of diet pill advertisements on Dallas Christian radio... i always think "aren't we not supposed to be fixated on our image" - i digress. I love love love this post, B. You are such a great writer. Love you!

  3. HAHAHAHA, KK! Are you kidding me? I LOVE diet pills! That's the only thing that will keep me awake while listening to Christian radio! (just kidding, folks.) Love you too, KKat.