Thursday, December 1, 2011

Blog Schmog

i swore i'd never do it. i have an aversion to people writing down their thoughts and expecting other people to want to read them. now i realize most people have moments of brilliance now and again but those are usually watered down with stories of recipes and how hard it is to be a mother and bad metaphors for the christian walk, etc. i don't mean to sound cynical...i'm just busy. way too busy. too busy to be typing this out for sure. with the exception of a few profound and gifted women I know (and one I don't know) who blog, there is no reason good enough for me to read someone else's thoughts when i have a stack of books beside my bed that i have not equally profound and gifted writers whom i have just supported by PAYING for their books.

however, my daughter has insisted i try this because she likes to read my texts. go figure.

so here i am imposing upon you, the reader with no extra time on your hands, to see what i'm thinking today.

in today's entry, i will covenant with you, the busy reader: "i will try my best to limit my paragraphs. to not endlessly speak of my children. to not whine or cuss. to not tell you what to do. to only use a rare cheesy metaphor, and to not make every post about my grandson, bobby." ~Barbara Burks

i know i will be more successful at some than others and those of you who know me can probably guess at which i will fail.


  1. I am soooo excited about this. Someone I know and love and will understand why I'm crying as I read this. Thank you, Barb. And thank you Jourdan - she would never do this if I asked.

  2. Barbie, please write it all..... i love your head & heart!